Friday, September 5, 2008

I can not believe that it has been close to two months since I have updated my blog. Time sure flies when you're having fun! Well, I do have a pretty good excuse.... Our computer has been having major problems, and we have tried to get it fixed but finally decided to just get a new one and so I have a million things that I want to put on our blog....all of the things that we have done over the summer. I'm sure that this will be an extra long post, so bear with me. Actually this is a HUGE post!

Sophie came up to me and told me that she wanted to teach an exercise

class, and she wanted me to be in it. I told her that that would be fine to have a class but maybe she could teach her brother instead of her big pregnant mom. I had to do some persuading to get Sam to participate but he finally agreed to do it. July 17,2008


Jumping Jacks

Push Ups

and the V-sit

HUSKING CORN July 18, 2008

There is nothing better than fresh corn on the cob! The kids don't even mind husking the corn. Even though Sophie doesn't look too happy in this picture.


I woke up to Sophie whispering to her Dad that she wanted to make me breakfast in bed. Keith had to leave for work, so Sophie took matters into her own hands. I pretended to be asleep while I heard clanging and banging going on down in the kitchen. A few minutes later Sophie came up with my breakfast. She is tooo sweet! Always thinking of other people and wanting to do things for others. She brought me up a peice of cinnamon sugar toast (with plenty of butter!), peas from our garden, a cut up apple and some watermelon.


Every year we go camping just with our little family for one night. I talked Keith in to going to Payson Lakes camp ground. He is not one that likes to go to camp grounds but I figure for one night it is a lot easier and in the morning we are right by the lake to go fishing. By the time we got up there it was almost dark so that was a little annoying but it is always nice to spend time together as a family up in the beautiful mountains! The reason this post is called our "lovely" camp trip is because Sam kept saying "Isn't it a lovely night,? "This is just such a lovely night!" "I am glad we came camping on a lovely night." He is so funny and says the funniest things sometimes!

Here are Sam and Sophie roasting hot dogs. Do you think that they will ever get cooked with how far away they are holding them? Keith and I had to give a few pointers as to how to cook them.

I love these two little kids! Aren't they the cutest things you have ever seen?

My two cute guys! Keith is not looking all that happy. Of course I don't blame him. He was actually sick the night we decided to go camping and was a trooper to even have gone. He also had just burned the heck out of his hand while cooking the corn on the cob. It sure did taste yummy though. Thanks Honey!

Sophie, kicked back and relaxing in front of the fire

This is one of the only pictures that you will see of me because it is not a full body shot. I'm not too fond of getting my picture taken when I am pregnant.

Keith and Sam left early in the morning to go spotting. I was hoping that I could sleep in a little but soon after they left Sophie was up and ready to get going for the day. I don't know why I thought that she would sleep in....she is always up by 6:30 at home. Anyway, we decided to entertain ourselves with the camera. These are some of the pictures that Sophie and I took.

I love to take pictures of dirty little faces while we are camping!

Sophie and Sam had fun playing in the tent. They would stack up all the blankets and pillows on the mattress and take turns jumping onto them.

There were lots of little squirrels and chipmunks at our campsite so Sophie decided to give them a little treat. She lined popcorn up in a little trail and then put a pile of popcorn at the end. It didn't take too long before there were several little critters eating their new found treat.

This is our kind of fishing! The kids (and mom) get bored with waiting for a fish to bite so instead of actually putting a hook on the end we put a little plastic fish on the end and the kids just practice casting and realing in. The last few times we have gone camping they have done this for over an hour. Who knew it could be so much fun not even catching a fish. Actually, Sam is a pretty big softy and thinks it is way too sad when someone does catch a fish. He takes after his Mom and Sophie takes after her Dad... she actually thinks it is pretty cool to catch one.


Sam and Timmy waiting for the parade to start.

They all have their bags ready to catch as much candy as they can.


Sam asked me if he could shave like Dad. I decided it wouldn't hurt for him to try it. (Don't worry the little plastic cap is still on the razor of course.) But now he thinks that he needs to shave every time he is in the tub.

Sophie even had to get in on it. At first she was going to shave her legs but decided that it would be funner to shave her face. Silly kids!

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