Monday, September 22, 2008

A Weeks Worth of Celebrating #7!

We started last Saturday with Grandma Joan taking the kids to Build-a-Bear, (of course I forgot my camera ). For the past several months Sophie has wanted to have a birthday party at Primrose Retreat, where they have a fun little place for girls to make lotions and bubble bath, get their hair done, walk the run way and even eat fancy cupcakes and drink pink hot chocolate but a week or two before her birthday she decided that she wanted to go to build a bear instead. So Grandma Joan took them to Build-a-Bear, which Sophie (and Grandma Joan) can't get enough of. Sophie made a darling bunny which she had to have Hannah Montana clothes for and Sam made a fluffy dog dressed up as batman.

The next day we got together to celebrate with my family. Sophie decided instead of having the traditional cake and ice cream she wanted to do the chocolate fountain. It is always fun and entertaining. I think that we all ate way too much...especially Sam the next morning he woke up and said, " Mom, do we have to do the chocolate fountain today?" Needless to say he had a belly ache. It sure did taste yummy though!

This is the morning of her birthday. She wanted to open her presents before she went to school. Keith and I gave her an MP3 player and Sam gave her a High School Musical book bag and a Hannah Montana shirt.

We met at the park to celebrate with Keith's family. So far this year, Grandpa and Grandma Houser have given all the kids a treasure box, that Grandpa Houser made, full of fun little treasures. Sophie was hoping that she would also get one for her birthday, and she did. It was full of all sorts of fun little things that girls like. She also got lots of other great gifts from the rest of the family. We had cake and ice cream and let the kids play at the park.

This was a book that Peter and Wendi found online. I'd have to say it fits our kids pretty well! It think it is so cute!



  1. Happy Birthday Sophie! Looks like you all had a very fun and busy week.

  2. Happy Birthday Sophie, It sure looks like you had a fun week. We are sorry we missed it. We can't believe that you are 7 already. We love and miss you and can't wait to see you guys after your new baby brother or sister is born. Hunter asks to call and sing you Happy Birthday almost every day, we are sorry we missed you the first time. Love, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Veronica, Hunter and Dylan