Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Caramel Apples Yummy!!

For FHE last week we made caramel apples. I have never made them before so it was a bit interesting. By the time we got to the last apple the caramel from the other apples had slowly dripped off into a big puddle. I just used the little individual caramels, maybe that is why but if anyone has any tricks as to how to make the caramel actually stay on the apple Iwould love to hear how to do it.
Sam put the bag from the caramels on his head. I thought it looked just like a Bakers hat. Silly kids!
It sure tasted yummy though!!!


  1. Sure looks yummy! Making homemade carmel can be a pain sometimes. This looks like an easy way to do it. Maybe the carmel was too hot when you dipped the apples. I don't know but I want to make me some now!

  2. Fun, I can't until my kids are a little older so we can do this kind of stuff.

  3. If you figure out how to do it let me know! The caramel fell off of mine too! Still fun though!

  4. mmm...Caramel Apples. I love the sweet and tart flavors. Soo good.