Monday, December 1, 2008

I know that it has been quite a while since I have posted. I guess I had a lot more free time when Trig was in the hospital than I do now. Trig has been home for two weeks now and he is doing great! I had to take him back to Primary Children's a week ago. Trig's Dr. did an EKG and also sent Trig home with a holter monitor to monitor his heart. He still has the arrhythmias but he is still on medicine to keep them under control. As long as they don't get worse his Dr. is not too worried about them. I am taking him back up to Primary Children's this week and they will do another EKG and the holter monitor so we will see how things go. His Dr. is also thinking that he will be able to be taken off the oxygen this week too which will be wonderful. It has not been that fun to be strapped to a big tank while holding him so it will be great to be able to move around freely.

This picture was while Trig was still in the hospital. They put him in a swing and he loved it but he sure did look like a little peanut in it.

This picture of Trig's leg is actually his name tag while he was in the hospital. I was just barely able to get it to come off so he has been labeled at home also.

This was the day that we came home. We put him in a little duck outfit that Grandma Joan got for him. It was really strange dressing him since he had not been in any clothes for 26 days.

Proud Sister!!

This is right before we left to come home.

Trig in his car seat for the first time.

Here we are in the elevator that we had ridden in so many times without Trig but now he was finally with us!

Finally Home!!

This was Trig's first bath. Now, I don't mean his first bath at home, I mean this was his first bath of his life. Trig was 26 days old before he had his first bath and let me tell you..... he was stinky!He had had an IV in his arm for so long with tape around it that when they took it off it was so dang stinky. So when we got home we got him bathed and all lotioned up! Grandma Joan said that he had a lot more importatnt things to take care of while he was in the hospital. I guess she was right.

Pictures at home. Look at those long fingers...he definitely takes after the rest of his family.

This was taken last Sunday at my Mom and Dad's house. You are probably wondering what is with the guns. Well it has a story to go with it. My brother Matt that is in the picture holding Trig was also Life Flighted to Primary Children's when he was born. While Matt was in the hospital my parents stayed with my Dad's sister. Her husband gave Matt a gun that he said he could use when he got old enough to go hunting with my Dad. Well, on Sunday my Dad came walking in with a gun and said " It is tradition in our family to give a baby that has been Life Flighted to Primary Children's a gun so......(sorry Sammy) this gun is for Trig. Sammy kept saying it is not really Trig's is it? I'm sure he can use it until Trig is old enough to.

Great Grandpa Swenson and Trig. Trig almost looks like he is smiling at Grandpa.

This is Trig without his oxygen tubes. We were changing his stickers so I just had to get a picture. Cutie!!


  1. I am so glad that He is home. I love all of the pictures. He is so stinking cute! I love the pictures of sophie and sam with trig. They are going to have so much fun!

  2. Trig is adorable. I love the long fingers picture. :) I'm so glad that you are doing well and that Trig is finally home.

  3. He looks so great. What an adorable little boy. Can't wait to see him in the future.

  4. It is so fun to see pictures of Trig out of the hospital. I remember putting clothes on Kylee for the first time. It felt so weird. He is absolutely adorable. I hope he can get off the oxygen soon. He'll seem like an even more normanl newborn. Good luck at primary childrens!

  5. I just have to keep checking up on this cute little guy. He looks sooo good without all the swelling and extra tubes! So glad you're home for the holidays.

  6. Thanks for the great update and pictures. Trig is so cute! Well pretty much all your kids are. :) I hope that you guys have a fantastic Christmas! And all goes well at the doctor's appointment.