Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting too big, way too fast!

4 months
14 lbs. 0 oz.
25 1/2 inches
I can't believe how big Trig is getting. He is such a good baby! He is always smiling and talking to us. He has just started to roll over and he hates it. Well, I guess he loves to roll over but hates being on his stomach. He will lay on his stomach for a minute or two and then he lets us know that he needs someone to rescue him. As long as someone is paying attention to him him will just grin and grin. His dimples just melt my heart! I really think that I could just eat him right up. I have been trying to give him cereal but he thinks that it is the grossest thing ever. He pulls the funniest faces and gags and then out it comes. I guess that it will take a little getting used to. He is finally starting to sleep through the night. He usually wakes up around 1:00 because he needs his binkie. Then he wakes up at around 5:00 because he just might starve to death and then he usually goes back to sleep until about 7:00.


  1. Can't believe how big he is getting. He is so cute.

  2. What a cute little boy! Isn't it sad that they grow up so fast? Leah is six weeks today, and I am already wondering where the time has gone.

  3. Yeah for growing and doing new tricks!
    Jacob HATED tummy time but would do much better if we propped him on a boppy pillow (that way he could still work on strengthening his neck muscles without putting too much pressure on his chest). Jacob also gagged on cereal and baby food. Our home health nurse said that can be related to being intubated and it just takes them a little longer to get used to thicker stuff.
    I am glad you all are getting more sleep. Good job Trig!

    Hugs & Prayers,

  4. He is definitely adorable. I am glad that he is doing so well.

  5. how did you get him to sleep through the night at such a young age. Melynn was like 10 months old.

  6. He is the cutest boy EVER!!! Man I just love his face!