Monday, March 9, 2009

Keith's "Early" Birthday

Sophie and Sam were so excited for Keith's birthday that they decided to celebrate a bit early. Keith had the Saturday before his birthday off and the kids thought that it would be the perfect day to celebrate. They told me that they were making something for Dad and for us to not come into Sophie's room. Well they were so cute sneaking around finding different things for their surprise. When they were finally ready to show off what they had been doing, they took everything downstairs. They had Keith close his eyes until he was sitting in the chair. I LOVE how excited they get, even for the little things. Anyway, they had him open his presents and they had also made him a big Birthday card. What thoughtful kids.

Here is Sam leading Keith to his chair.

Still has his eyes closed. He had to wait until they had everything set up perfectly!

Here are the surprises for Keith that they had all wrapped up.

The BIG Birthday Card

This picture was taken the morning of Keith's birthday before he went to school.


  1. What fun! Happy Birthday Keith! FYI I love the colour of green on your walls. That is the colour I would like if I had my way. :)

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  3. I have the cutest nieces and nephews if I do say so myself.