Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Festivities

Every year for Christmas, my parents treat us to a night over in a hotel somewhere.  We were all able to make it this year and we had a great time.  We usually go to Salt Lake and stay over and go see the lights at Temple Square but this year we went to Heber instead.  We rode the train to Soldier Hollow to sled.  The train ride was a little longer than we thought it would be so by the time we got to Soldier Hollow we were only able to sled twice down the hill which was a big bummer but it was still tons of fun!!  Thanks Mom and Dad!!

                             We were even surprised by Santa bording the train.  Trig wasn't too sure about him.

We spent some time with each of our grandparents this year. (I didn't get a picture with Grandma Peggy)  What a blessing they each are in our lives!  The top picture is at the Christmas Party that my Granpa Dode has every year.  He always gets the kids such cute gifts.  I think he really enjoys being able to pick things out for each one of them.  The bottom picture is Keith's Grandpa Wiesmore and also Grandma Houser (Keith's mom)  Grandpa Wiesmore is in an assisted living home right now.  We try to visit him every Sunday.  Notice Hattie wouldn't stop looking at him.

This is a tree that Keith's mom made to hang on the wall in Grandpas room.  Each family made decorations to hang on it.  I think that Grandpa really loved it.
My HANDSOME Husband!!

                                                  IT'S A SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!! December 22nd

I couldn't believe how much it had snowed!  It had been snowing for two days straight.  That morning I heard on the radio that the buses were not going to be picking up the kids and there was no way that I was going to venture out in the snow.  I hate driving in an inch of snow let alone 2 feet!!  SO I told Sophie and Sam that they could stay home and help me with Preschool.  We were having a Christmas Party and making ginger bread houses so they were excited.  Well, a while later I heard on the radio that school had been canceled all together.  The kids and I ran around th ehouse yelling "It's a snow day, It's a snow day"!  The kids were going to stay home anyway but having an official snow day meant that Keith got to come home too.  Yipee!!

                                   Keith helped Sam and his friend Preston make a snow fort.

Since I already had the gingerbread houses put together we thought it would be fun to invite some neighbor kids over to help decorate them.  It was a fun snow day and I was so glad that we got an extra day for Christmas Break.

This is my Grandpa Swenson.  He has alzheimers.  He has played the guitar at our family Christmas Party ever since I can remember.  It was fun to have him still be able to play.  This year and last he played "You are my Sunshine."  I think that it is the only song that he can remember.  He is such a cute man! Always telling everyone that they are a jewel.  For some reason he loves to rhyme words, the other day he was over at my Mom and Dad's for dinner and he said to my mom "Your such a Jewel in the Pool."  He is always making us laugh.

This is a picture of my mom (in the green sweater) and her sisters and brother and of course Grandpa front and center.
This is a picture of all of most of my cousins ( I have several that have moved out of state).  It has been a long time since we have gotten a picture all together.  I missed out on the picture because I was feeding Hattie, but I am sure glad that it was taken.

                Some of the kids reinacted the Nativity.  Sophie was Mary and Hattie was baby Jesus.

Sophie and Sam and Hattie did a little skit to the song "Little Drummer Boy"  by Josh Groban.  It is one of my very favorite Christmas Songs. 

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  1. what fun. looks like a great Christmas full of great memories.