Friday, November 25, 2011

Tree time

  Talk about Griswalds!!  This is the car that we bought last year with our tax returns for $900.00 It is a gem!!  We lovingly call it the Junk Bucket but it has saved us from Keith having to drive his truck to work everyday.

Always the Big Helper!

This is the  "I'm up here to hurry and get this work done so stop taking pictures of me and hand me the things that you want up here" look.:)
This is the star that has been put on the top of our tree every year since Keith and I were married.  The star is cut out of a waffle box and covered with tinfoil. I guess we didn't have enough money to buy a real tree topper but this one sure has become sentimental! 
We decided that we are going to start giving the kids a snow globe every year after we get the tree up and the house all decorated.  They were actually a lot more excited than I thought that they would be about this. 

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