Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

We had a fabulous Christmas Day!  The kids slept in until 6:00 and I was surprised that they didn't wake up at all through the night. They all slept together in Trig's room.  After we opened presents we went to church and then had breakfast with Keith's Mom and Step Dad.  We had corn beef hash and cinnamon rolls.  I had never tasted corn beef hash but it was really delicious!  After we ate breakfast the kids opened their gifts from Keith parents. Then we went home and my parents came over with more presents...needless to say the kids were SPOILED!! 

Here are a few of their favorites.

If you asked Trig what he wanted for Christmas he would say "A Giant".  We think that he got this from Mickey Mouse because he has a giant friend named Willie and Trig loves Mickey Mouse.  He also asked for a giant for his birthday but obviously he didn't get one.  Anyway, a few weeks before Christmas he decided that he would rather have a "Big Buzz."  We were glad since we didn't think that Santa had any Giants to deliver.
Sophie is obsessed with Dolphin Tale and Winter and Clear Water Aquarium and really anything Dolphin related so she was soooooo excited to get a few Dolphin things for Christmas.
Sam is our little baseball player and all he has wanted is a Texas Ranger Jersey and a hat.  This was actually from my parents.  He LOVES it!

Hattie loved sitting in her new big girl car seat.  I hate that she is old enough to be in a big seat!

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