Friday, July 11, 2008

The Fourth of July

I know this post is a little late. Ok maybe a lot late but... hey, better late than never. We have some friends that live in Nephi and they invited us to come down for the celebration. We went down last year and the kids had so much fun so we decided to do it again this year. The scouts in Nephi put on a carnival, with lots of food, games and face and hair painting (my kids favorite part), and it is so cheap, (my favorite part)! After we got done playing all the games at the park we went and got some lunch and then went back to Jared and Carrie's house and relaxed for a while. The kids decided they wanted to go swimming so we went swimming for a while and then headed up the canyon for a BBQ. After the BBQ we went and found a great little spot to watch the fire works. Sam was a little nervous that the fireworks were going to get him. So I was able to hold him on my lap and steal a few smooches and squeezes. We had a great day.

This is Sam and Jackson. We don't see Jackson and Apryl as much as we would like to, but when we do they are all the best of friends. I love this picture of them holding hands. Just too dang cute!

Apryl and Sophie

This is after the kids got their hair painted. Last year Sophie wanted hers done but was afraid that it would never come out. ...she is such a silly girl....Even though we kept telling her that it would so she was brave this year and got some stars painted in her hair.

This is a ride that the kids went on. It was a little jail that the kids sat in, pulled be a 4 wheeler. Sophie said to us as serious as can be " Is it really a jail, will they bring us back?" She has always been a bit paranoid. Anyway they ended up having fun while they were in jail.



  1. Jamie!
    Hi! (Amanda Chapple here) I just found out about the 95 blog. That's awesome! I've been trying to track down some people. I had the baby ticker on my blog too, I just had my third this spring. How are you? Are you still in Utah county??

  2. That's our little Sophie. Such a little girly-girl. Worry worry.

  3. Hi Amanda, Yes, we are in Utah county, how about you? I think the 95 blog is a lot of fun to be able to see everyone. Are you going to put yours on? I'd love to see your family. Congrats on the third baby. Jamie

  4. She is a girly girl, but she is gonna grow up like her dad and worry about everything. I am not saying where Keith might have gotten that trait!!