Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Day

We get this same picture every year of the kids sitting at the top of the stairs waiting to go down to see what Santa has left them. The only difference this year is that there is one more cute little boy added to the picture. We are so glad that he is here and doing so well!

We had such a great Christmas! My brother Matt and his wife Barbie were supposed to be here with us but Barbie actually had to have her appendix out on Christmas Eve. Poor thing! We missed them but we are glad that she is doing better!

High School Musical!!


Here are some of the kids favorite things. A "real" gun for Sam and a camera and Tinker Bell movie for Sophie.

This is pretty much what Trig did the whole time we opened presents. What a cutie!

This is the present that Sam made for us at school. He was so excited for us to open it. Sophie made one in her class too but it was an ornament that you hang on the tree so we opened it early.

The kids got me some shoes

The kids got Keith a Brunton burner and some pans to go in his backpack for hunting.

I didn't actually get a box of notebooks. Keith surprised me with a trip to San Francisco. I was so shocked and excited. We have always talked about going somewhere when Keith gets done with school (and he will be done in March Yippee!!!)but after we had Trig I thought that we would probably wait until he is older but we are going in April and I can't wait.

Mom with her cookie jar that has the grandkids names on it.

We got Dad a Dutch Oven

Tagg got an Ipod Touch. It is so awesome....maybe someday!

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