Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sam's 5th Birthday

I truly can't believe that my Little Sammy is 5 years old!! I guess time flys when your having fun:) He will be going to kindergarten this fall and it just blows my mind. I remember thinking a few months ago that Sam would be going to Kindergarten this year and he just didn't seem old enough. Well, in the past few months it seems like he has just grown up so much. He is definitely ready and can't wait to start Kindergarten. He is such a sweet and smart boy!! We are so happy that he is part of our family!!

We had a fun time celebrating his birthday. Keith started a tradition a few years ago of breakfast in bed so Sophie decided that she would be in charge of making the menu for Sam. She did a great job! We had a few of Sam's cousins and friends over for a little party. We had an Easter egg hunt, colored eggs, played pin the spider on the web (I know it is quite the contrast of themes... Easter and Spider Man, but this is what Sam wanted to do) and had a fish pond.

We asked Sam what he wanted to do the night of his birthday and he said that he wanted to order Chinese food and watch a movie. (A few months ago we had a chinese themed night where we watched Kung Fu Panda and ate Chinese so I guess this is where he got the idea from) I really think that the kids like to try to eat with the chopsticks more than actually liking the food. We had a GREAT DAY!!

Birthday Morning opening his presents.

Here is the Birthday Breakfast Menu. Sam's favorite thing in the whole world to eat is watermelon!!! If I ask the kids during the day what they want for dinner, 99.9% of the time Sam will say Watermelon.

Filling out his order for breakfast.


This is Sam and his cousin Katlyn. Katlyn's birthday is April 7th, she just turned 5 too. Actually 5 of the grandkids birthdays are in April. It is a crazy month full of lots of Birthday Parties.

Eating our Chinese Food and we watched the movie Bolt.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that Jacob had a blast at Sams birthday party! I guess that is why you let the kids plan it, cause they know what is fun. It looks like you guys had a really fun day.

  2. What a great birthday! You always have great ideas and traditions.

  3. Sam is such a sweet and smart little guy. Glad to see he had a fun B-Day!

  4. Happy Birthday Sam! I missed your smiling face on Sunday, but I'm glad you had a good birthday! I'll see you soon.