Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Soccer and Sam's First Shiner!

Honestly, I have had a really bad attitude about soccer. That is why I haven't posted any pictures and it has been going for 3 weeks. Soccer started really early so the kids have been playing in freeeeezing cold weather. The kids have had fun but standing out in the cold watching them has been a little tricky with Trig. I think this is probably why he has bronchiolitis and 2 ear infections. Grrrr! Trig is actually doing a lot better now but I was pretty worried at first.

Anyway, last week Keith took Sam to his game and in the middle of the game Sophie (aka Mini Mom) called me and told me that Sam had gotten hurt. She didn't know a lot of the details just that he was crying and he had hit his eye. I found out later that a couple of the kids had tripped and Sam had gotten a head to the eye.

That night when I asked Sam what happened he told me that he had tripped and hit his eye really hard he said " When I stood up I thought, should I keep playing? But it hurts really bad! Then I saw Dad and I ran to him and started to cry!" Too cute. He got some hugs from Dad and then went back out to play. I was proud that he went back out even though he had gotten hurt. Keith was proud because this was Sam's first black eye. Dad's are funny like that. I would be fine with my kids never ever getting hurt and Keith thinks that it makes them tough....not to say the Keith doesn't worry because hi is the biggest worry wart that I know but things like this make him proud! Does that make sense??? Anyway, here are some pictures of the first black eye. It ended up turning all sorts of funky colors and was really swollen but it looks pretty good now. Just a little black and green and no swelling.


  1. Crazy eye. I understand about the soccer thing though. It is freezling here too and I have a baby with a terrible cough and cold. Glad Trig is doing better. What we do for our kids :)

  2. Why doesn't Keith's reaction surprise me one bit? But I do kind of understand. That is definately a black eye for the photo album. What a tough guy for going back out. Way to go Sam!