Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sophie's Baptism

We had a very busy but very fun day on Sophie's baptism day. That morning we went to breakfast with my Mom, Dad and Tagg (Matt and Barbie couldn't make it). After breakfast we went up to the Provo temple to walk around. It was beautiful!

That afternoon we met Keith's family at the Pumpkin Patch. Keith's sister Veronica is here with her husband Aaron and their boys Hunter and Dylan. They haven't ever been able to come to the pumpkin patch with us because they live in California so we decided that we better fit it in while they were here. The kids love it. It is always a lot of fun and it is tradition to dress the kids up in their Halloween costumes.

After the pumpkin patch we raced home to get ready for the baptism. Sophie has been sooooo excited for her baptism. The program went well. Sophie asked me to give the talk on baptism which I wasn't all that thrilled about. I hate speaking in front of people! But it went fine other than I forgot my scriptures and had to borrow them from a member of the bishopric right in the middle of my talk. Sophie asked my Mom to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. She had made Sophie a book about her life and how she was a Child of God. She read the book and then talked about the Holy Ghost. She did a great job! It was fun helping Sophie get dressed in her "jumpsuit" She said that she wished that she could keep the jumpsuit because she thought that it was cute....crazy girl! Keith baptized and confirmed her. He did a great job! We had a dinner at our house afterward. It was fun to have everyone over. Sophie got lots of great gifts from her Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents. It was a very fun day that I hope Sophie always remembers!

Cute little Spooks and Goblins! We even had a porcupine.
Going in to get on her jumpsuit.

I made Sophie a quilt. She has been wanting a quilt for years. Well, I finally got around to making her one and I think I might be addicted. It has been so fun. Just a little time consuming. After the dinner at our house Sophie said "Wow, that was a crazy party" There were a lot of people at our house and she has never been one for crowds. I just thought it was funny because it was mostly just Keith's family and a few of Sophie's friends.


  1. What a fabulous day! Is that the quilt in the last photo with the scriptures? Wow it is so cute! Love the colours and patterns. You guys have such a cute family! Love you!

  2. What a busy day for you guys, but it looks like you made the best out of it and had a good time. I'm so sad I didn't really get any pictures. So so sad.

  3. Congratulations on your baptism, Sophie. You are a lucky girl to have a family who makes it such a special day for you. I'm sure you will always have many fond memories of this special time.

  4. Congratulations Sophie!! That quilt is sooo cute.

  5. COngratulations Sophie. What a great day. I agree with everyone else. What a gorgeous quilt