Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trig's 1st Birthday

I know that I always say this about my kids' milestones, but I really can't believe that Trig just turned one! I remember the day that he was born like it was yesterday. In fact when I even think of the day that he was born it brings me to tears instantly...like right now tears rolling down my cheeks. I wasn't really expecting Trig's birthday to be such an emotional day but it definitely was! We are so happy that he is doing so well and is part of our family. He brings us so much joy!! None of us can get enough of him!
Happy 1st Birthday Little Piggy, We Love you!!
(One day when Trig was still in the hospital Sam said "Can we go see Triggy Piggy?" Well, it stuck and so we call him our Little Piggy.)

Keith's sister Veronica was here a few weeks ago and had Trig open his present. He is so funny! Lately he has been in to putting things on his head and throwing things behind his shouders.

Keith and I have a tradition with our kids' first birthdays to each make them a cake. It was so fun this year to be able to make the cakes with Sam and Sophie. Sophie and I made a barn with cute little cupcake farm animals and Keith and Sam made a big green tank (how boy is that?). A few weeks before Trig's birthday we got on the internet to see what kind of cakes we wanted to make. Sophie even watched the tutorial several times about how to make our cake, so when it came time to make it I just asked her and she was able to tell me step by step...what a cutie!

Sam and Sophie helping Trig blow out the candles. He had a candle on each cake.


Helping make the cakes! What fun!!

One year ago today, October 27 Trig had his Arterial Switch Surgery to repair his heart. He was six days old. While we were at the hospital one of the Dr.'s told us that just 15 years ago babies that were born with Transposition of the Great Arteries were some of the sickest babies being treated for a heart defect. I am so grateful for how far technology has come and for Dr. Kaza and all of the wonderful Dr.'s and nurses at Primary's that made it possible for Trig to be where he is today!
We love you Triggy Piggy!

The day Trig got to PCMC

This is the day of Trig's surgery. We got to the hopsital really early so that we could hold him before they took him back for surgery.


  1. Hard to believe it was a year ago. He is so adorable. I agree about technology as my friends daughter was born 16 years ago with the same thing and she is still struggling to this day with complications.

  2. Happy Birthday Trig! I can't believe it has been a year already! What a beautiful family you guys have. It has been fun to watch him grow this year.

  3. They say time goes by fast when you're having fun, so you must be having fun with the little guy. How could you not. He is such a cutie and definetly loved by all. Happy Birthday Trig!

  4. You can get your husband to make a birthday cake that cool? WOW!! I love the cakes you guys came up with. What great helpers too! Way to go Trig...the first year is a HUGE milestone!!

  5. Happy Birthday Trig! I hope you had a super fun day. The cakes look great.

    Jamie, I was a basket case on Jacob's 1st birthday and then on surgery day anniversary. I kept looking at the clock and saying "last year at this time we were..." I was super emotional too. The 2nd B-day was normal emotionally so it gets better!

    Hugs & Prayers,

  6. We are very proud of Trig's journey to 1 year already! It's amazing how he's growing handsome boy! We are definitely glad to be uncle and aunt to your beautiful kids.

    Matt and Barbie