Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trig's First Haircut

I really did not want to get Trig's haircut. Keith has been telling me for a few months that it needs to be done so people will stop thinking that he is a girl. I really don't think it was that bad but I just didn't want to get it cut I loved his cute curls and the color too. But when Keith told me that he would shave it if I didn't get it done I finally gave in. My good friend Sara cut it and it actually looks very cute probably even better than it did.


Cute Curls!

One reason that I hate first haircuts is because it always makes them look so much older!

I just loved this picture so I decided to add it.


  1. What a great haircut! He is such a handsome little man!

  2. Ba Humbug to Keith. I like it long and curly. He had months still until he was due for a haircut. You only cut it when they started getting tangles that make them cry when you comb it. The after cut does look good though.

  3. what a jerk, Keith! He doesn't look like a girl even with curly hair. Also we have that same hat for Alex. I guess great minds think alike.

  4. People keep asking us when we are going to cut Alex's hair too. who cares it's not like they're going to be considered hoodlums for it.