Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Little Busy Body!

Trig is one busy little guy. He is always on the go and thinks that he can do whatever his brother and sister are doing. What a fun little guy to have around.
You can see in a few of the pictures that Trig has a goose egg on his forhead and a bruise on his cheek. Trig thinks that he needs to run wherever he goes and it seems like a lot of the time his face or head are the brakes.

Maybe he'll be the next Mozart.

The other night I was cooking dinner and the next thing I know Trig is on the table. He had climbed up on the chair and then up onto the table......
But He didn't stop there he even thought it would be fun to play with the light while he was up there.

Hmmm I wonder if there is anything yummy up here.

Trig likes to play the Wii too. I love this little guys smile!!


  1. Such a cutie! I am happy to see my daughter isn't the only one like this. :) I love his smile too!

  2. He is adorable. Love his imagination in what to try and do

  3. I love it!! Lucas is the same way.

  4. I am blown away by these pictures. He definitely is not a baby any longer, he is a total toddler. His looks are changing like crazy too. I still blame my brother for making you cut his hair. Tell Trig, Aunt Veronica says he needs to slow way down on the growing up stuff. Love you guys!