Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine's Day

The kids made me a candy bar card. It was so cute! It said....Mom, "York" the best mom in the world. You "skor" big with us. You're a "lifesaver" when you help us with our homework to help us get "smart." It is "extra" fun when you tell us some "whoppers" of a story. Your "3 muskateers" love you and it is "werthers" every minute we spend time with you.

The day after Valentine's Day we were able to go to Paul Cardall's Celebrate Life Concert. Paul is a 36 year old survivor of CHD. He received a new heart on 9/9/09. He held this concert to "Celebrate Life" and to also give back to the community and to help other families that have been affected by CHD. His foundation provided a scholarship to Salt Lake Community College, to someone that has been affected by CHD. The foundation also provided a small financial gift to a family that lost a child from CHD.
It was an AMAZING concert. I couldn't help but cry as Paul came out onto the stage and everyone stood and applauded this man that has been through so much but is so willing to help others!

I didn't get any pictures of the concert but I loved these pictures that we took before the concert. We were actually early...that is probably a first. So we decided to walk through Temple Square. The kids loved walking up to the Christus. As we walked up to the Christus Sam said to me "Mom, I feel like Heavenly Father is talking to my heart." It was the sweetest thing I think I have ever heard him say.

It was a Beautiful night!!


  1. Sounds like a great concert. Love the pictures of Temple Square. You have a beautiful family!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love Paul Cardall. He came to our insititute like 10 years ago. What an amazing man and music.