Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sophie's 9th Birthday!

I can't believe that my sweet little girl is now nine! It seems like she just barley had her 8th birthday. The years just fly on by that is for sure!!

Sophie has always loved to go to Color Me Mine so this year she decided that is where she wanted to go for her birthday. I told her that she could invite one friend and of course her brother to come along. She decided to bring her friend Devyn. They have been friends their whole lives. Devyn was born on September 13th and Sophie was born on September 17th. They are such great little freinds.
Sophie wanted to eat at Cracker Barrel so we met my Mom and Trig there. It was very yummy! Devyn spent the night and the girls didn't go to sleep until 1:00. They sure had fun though!!!

My camera was acting crazy, so these pictures are not the best.

Little Artists at work!

Sophie and Devyn both painted mugs and Sam decided to paint a T-Rex. I was very impressed with all of them. They turned out so cute!

We celebrated Sophie's birthday with Keith's family at the park by our house. Sophie and Sam are always watching Betty Crocker and how to make different cakes. Sophie has really been into Sea Life lately so when she saw this mermaid cake it had to be the one. She was so excitd to help make it. It turned out pretty well except for the frosting being too soft and basically dripping off the sides. Oh well, she still loved it!

Sophie always gets spoiled by her Aunts and Grandparents!!

Sophie has been wanting roller blades for a while now (She wants to be a hockey player). She was so excited that she got a pair from Grandma Joan and Grandpa Sam. I was a little nervous about her learning how to skate but she is amazing!! It only took her a couple of times holding onto me to get it down. Maybe she really will be Hockey Player some day.

Just don't look at the fat pregnant lady!!

I couldn't resist adding this picture of Trig! What a cutie!


  1. Devyn had so much fun that day! Thanks for taking her. She is constantly drinking everything from that mug too. I thought it was really cute.

    By that way, I think that pregnant lady is cute!

  2. I agree, you look very good. I am impressed that you are even out there helping her. Where is my Brother at, he should be doing it.

  3. Looks like a great birthday. You look great by the way. Can't believe we are having babies within weeks of each other. Good luck