Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween and Hattie Pictures

I am working on a post of Hattie's Birthday but I don't quite have it done, so I at least wanted to quickly post some pictures of Halloween and Hattie's first two weeks.

I might be a little partial, but is she the cutest thing...I could just eat her up!!

Trig loves to hold "Baby......Hattie."

Every year for Halloween Keith and all of his sisters meet at his Mom's work to Trick or Treat. The kids love it! They always make out with way too much candy!

We had a party at my Mom and Dad's house on Halloween. It was so fun to see all of my cousins and their kids that I don't get to see near enough.

The kids had fun decorating pumpkins with foam stickers.

Of course you have to have a piece of candy in hand at all times on Halloween. Is anyone else sick of their kids begging for just one more piece of candy. I am glad that the pumpkin buckets are almost empty.....with a little too much help from me!

On Halloween night Keith kept putting these chocolate eyes in his eyes. Trig would look at him and say "Scare Me!" with his cute little voice. Sam and Sophie had fun Trick or Treating with Grandma Joan. When they got home I think they had just as much fun answering the door for the Trick or Treaters because Keith and I were Party Poopers and didn't want to take them out again around our neighborhood.

I think that this is the only picture we were able to get of Scooby Doo with his hat on and still be able to see his face.

This picture is at my parents house. Trig spent most of his time around the bubble/ fog machine.

Both of Keith's Grandparents are in the same rest home. (His Dad's Mom and his Mom's Dad)
It was fun to go see them on Halloween and I think they really enjoyed seeing the kids dressed up and being able to give them some candy.

Sad but true, this is the only close up picture that I got of Hattie in her Bee costume. This is the costume that I got for Trig to wear but he was never able to wear it so I am glad that Hattie came in time to be able to use it....Sweet little bee!

Carving pumpkins! I love the look on Sam's face...he looks a little grossed out!


  1. Jamie she is adorable!!! Glad you posted some pictures! Looks like you guys had a fun halloween anyways! :) Glad to know all is well for you guys!

  2. what an adorable girl. looks like a fun Halloween

  3. I had such a wonderful time getting to visit with you last night. Though I am past that stage of wanting more babies of my own, it was so wonderful to hold Hattie. I agree you could just eat her up, she is so sweet.
    Cute pictures as always :0)

  4. The picture of Hattie in her bee costume in the car seat looks just like Trig. Wow! Too cute.