Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sophie's 10th Birthday!

I really can't believe that our Soph is 10 years old!!  I hate how fast time flies.  She will be getting her drivers license before we know it.   

Sophie decided that she wanted to start taking dance this year so she got all the things that she needed for dancing.  She also got a Payson Cheer hoodie, curlers for her hair and some head bands.
 Sophie LOVES  stuffed animals and she La La Loves Build a Bear.  So Grandma Joan decided to take her there this year.  Secretly I think Grandma Joan loves it just about as much as Sophie:)

Sophie is such a sweet girl.  This year she decided that she wanted to have a party with her friends but instead of them bringing presents for her she wanted them to bring things that we could donate to Primary Children's.  She got lots of coloring books and crayons, stuffed animals, baby socks and onesies and toys for kids. 

 After they opened presents we had an icecream sandwich bar. 

 This is the turtle cake that we had for Sophies party with our families.  Happy Birthday Sophie.  We love you!!

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