Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Trig and Hattie's Birthdays are just a day apart.  I am sure other years we will celebrate their birthdays on the same day but with it being Hattie's 1st birthday we decided to celebrate on Friday
and Saturday.

Trig's 3rd Birthday
                      Trig was so happy with his new bike!  I can't believe how big he is getting!

This face cracks me up!!  It reminds me of the little boy on the movie Sandlot, after he kisses the girl
at the swimming pool.  Trig really wanted a pirate cake for his birthday.  I got online and found this on Betty Crocker and it was sooo easy. 

Hattie's First Birthday
We gave Hattie these little lacey pants.  I think that they are so darling!  I am planning on getting her birthday pictures taken in them....with a shirt of course. 

 With all of our kids for their first birthday's we make them two cakes.  Sophie and I made the castle and Keith and the boys made the hamburger.  Keith said it represents that Hattie LOVES food and will eat just about anything!
Just for fun and for a record of the cakes that we have made for the other kids....
Sophie- Pumpkin and Teddy Bear
Sam-Rubber ducky bathtub and tractor pulling a trailer
Trig- Farm with cupcake animals and tank

 I was so excited to watch Hattie dive right into her cake because she loves food so much.  But she just sat there and poked at it for a little bit.  Then she started to eat a little and with a little help from Sam (it looks like he is putting it in her eye but he really isn't)  she started to dig in and at least got a messy face if she didn't eat much.  Mmmmmm Yummy!!

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  1. The kids are so cute and getting so big. Your cakes are awesome. I need to be so inspired